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Please click here for a copy of our distance learning schedule for this year. Please refer to Google Classroom for assignments and information on student-teacher meeting details.


Morrill Christmas Show 2020Top of Page

Our Novemeber Guest Speaker: Charlie "The Spaniard" BrennemanTop of Page

Charlie Brenneman led 3 virtual assemblies for our students talking about what he learned from his own experiences going from teaching to cage fighting. He wanted to send a short video afterward out to the community to share more resources and thank us for allowing him to speak. For more information, please also click here.

6th grade parent portal 
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6th Grade families you should be receiving parent portal request forms in the mail within the next few days. These forms will need to be completed and turned in during our 6th grade parent portal distribution day in exchange for your activation code key. 6th grade Parent portal distribution will be held on Friday, September 18th from 10am - 12pm in the BYC parking lot. Parents and guardians, you will only be able to pick up your own activation code with proof of identification. Please bring a photo ID that clearly displays your name. 
If you have any questions or if you have a 7th or 8th grader and need an activation code please email Mrs. Monica Rodriguez at

BUSD Reopening web page
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As we continue to plan for the start of the 2020-2021 school year amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to engaging our community to inform our thinking moving forward. This page will provide you relevant information and an opportunity to engage with us.

Click this link --> 

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If your child is not in their Google Classroom link by the time the teacher takes attendance, then your child will be marked absent.  If a child is marked absent, a phone call will be made to the parents/guardians to inform them of the absence.  If you receive a call from the school stating that your child was absent from a class, and you think the child was actually present during the instruction, then you need to contact the teacher directly.  If the teacher is able to verify that the student was in class during the lesson, then the teacher will notify our office staff and we will change the attendance accordingly.  If your child is going to miss class due to a doctor appointment, illness, or technical difficulties, please contact our office as soon as possible so that we can code the absence appropriately. 

Please submit medical notes to Ms. Henze at


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Update 11/13/2020
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Hello All,
We hope you have been staying safe during these trying times. As a reminder, we have Thanksgiving break off (November 23rd to November 27th). Please stay safe during the upcoming holiday.
Next Wednesday, we will have a Guest Speaker assembly for each grade level. Charlie "The Spaniard" Brenneman is a former high school Spanish teacher, turned professional MMA fighter in the UFC, turned public speaker, who will discuss the importance of life-long learning as well as work ethic. A schedule will be sent out to all students on Tuesday, families are welcome to watch with your students. More information on Charlie can be found by clicking here.

At this time, IT IS NECESSARY that if you have not been receiving emails from the district that you make sure to provide your correct email and phone number for communicating to our office. Please email any updates to your information to (email, phone, address, etc.) to our amazing computer clerk, Crystal Clarke at, so she can make sure you are receiving any information we send. You can also regularly check this website for updates.
FOR PARENTS: If you need assistance with internet at home, please contact Mr. Carroll or the district technology team to be placed on the assistance list. or
Parents, if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding distance learning, please email Mr. Alberts at so we can make sure to address your concerns in the upcoming releases.
Your Admin Team,
Mr. Thomas Carroll
Mr. Anthony Alberts
Stay safe and stay healthy.

Morrill Middle School IC Messages
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Please note the important information regarding distributions and the upcoming school year:
  • We are starting the year with 100% remote/distance learning.  Students and parents should NOT come to the school campus for classes.
  • The daily schedule for the school year, starting Monday, August 17th is above this message.  Please be sure to review the schedule and have your student(s) attend classes starting Monday.
  • Attendance WILL BE TAKEN and students/parents will be held accountable for truancy concerns. Formal grades (A, B, C, D, F) will also be given for each class.
  • All students should check their student emails and Google Classrooms on Friday, August 15th to see the invitation from each of their teachers for the year.  
  • Student emails are the first three letters of their first name, followed by their last name (up to 8 letters, their full last name if it is less than 8 letters), and ending with the last three numbers of their student ID number  For example, if my name is Thomas Carroll and my student ID number is 71612345, then my email address would be
  • When students log into their email for the first time, their password is Pass123!
  • If you need to reset your Infinite Campus Student Portal, contact Mrs. Monica Rodriguez by email -
  • Please contact our office with any questions. ph: 408-923-1930

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Upcoming Morrill EventsTop of Page

  • Morrill Website Calendar
  • Website Calendar (Morrill)

Pumpkin Contest entriesTop of Page

Alyssas pumpkin
Aryans pumpkin
Alexs 2nd pumpkin
Alexs 1st pumpkin
Mrs. Jacobos pumpkin (slightly moldy)
Ms. Henzes pumkin
Ms. Coys 3rd pumpkins
Ms. Coys 2nd pumpkin
Ms. Coys pumpkin
Marks pumpkin
Benjamins pumpkin
Mr. Alvernaz and daughters pumpkins

Dia De Los Muertos

Mrs. Torres' ofrenda for her parents

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