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2020-2021 Elective Information

Changing Your Elective...
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Hello Students!
This year there is a change to our procedure regarding electives. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances for this school year, we are not doing any schedule changes. In the past, the process was relatively easy, but this year due to the amount of work we currently have to bring students into distance learning and how much work would occur with a schedule change at a later date, we are freezing any schedule changes this year. 
The elective survey that was sent out in April and May was what we based all of our elective decisions on. All students received one of their top 3 choices. If you did not fill out the form, then you were placed where there was an opening or possibly based on your previous elective choices.
Thank you for your understanding, though I know it does not meet what you are looking for.
Kindest Regards,
Mr. Alberts